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Blue shield of shandong CNC machinery co., LTD
Blue shield of shandong CNC machinery co., LTD
Brand name
Main products Cutting machine ,Grooving machine
Annual sales USD 5,000,000.00
Date of establishment 2014-10-08
Number of employees 127 Persons
Number of R&D staff 25 Persons
Number of quality inspectors 28 Persons
Area of factory 6000 ㎡
Brief Introduction
Shandong blue shield nc machinery co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful quancheng jinan, registered capital of 5 million, is a set research and development, production, sales as one of the high-tech production-oriented private enterprise, our company long-term committed to the research and development, the production of CNC machinery, aimed at developing the advertising industry in recent years, specializing in the production of the four axes linkage nc blanking machine; The hydraulic punching and plasma cutting two kinds of different processing ways perfect fusion, say goodbye to the past of single punching and cutting machining process, realize high quality high efficiency operation, and has won many national patents. Blanking machine by trial and error and market feedback, the fourth generation of products will appear now, combining with the advantages of three generations of the product before the fourth generation product, higher stability and punching cut through independent research and development of the operating system perfect combination, more stable, more efficient, for punching advertising LED light-emitting words make more high quality equipment. 

Brief Introduction
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